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2,000 posts!

2,000 posts!

Prologue to “Crimson”

It had to have been one of the coldest nights the town had ever felt. The air was thick with the smell of booze, sex and yet there she was. She was standing there with her flock of giggling followers. They all dressed in long flowing fancy dresses floor length. Her dress a different color just like her hair. Her dress was black velvet with white lace on the sleeves, collar and trim along the bottom. She stood out from all the others Gorgeous and above everyone else. That dress cut low enough to almost see her whole chest. A Cross hanging from a chain around her neck, solid gold. Her hair was the brightest shade of penny red, it was almost unnatural. Her hair was shiny, sparkly, her skin was as fair as the gently falling snow that laid freshly on the ground outside.
You could hear her voice even in a crowd, it was lovely, sweet and yet completely stuck on herself. She spoke of the snow outside and the
She turned from her group it felt as though someone was folling her. She’d felt this way for weeks. You see she was used to this feeling though. She was daughter to one of the richest men in England and here in the new world she wasn’t well liked. Many of the other nobles sucked up to her and her family because they wanted to get ahead in their own way. That was exactly what this party was all about. Only the biggest and best noblemen and their children were on the invite list.
The clock struck midnight and suddenly all the doors slammed shut. The band stopped playing and the whole room became quiet, dead quiet. Then they were under attack. Men with fangs charged at them. Flocking them. Blood spilling on the floor.
She ran for the doors but they were all blocked off. She remembered an escape tunnel under the stage. She ran sliding in blood from one of her follows that lay dead on the floor. Running, dodging she could feel someone watching her. He was following her.
She through open the door and climbed in thinking she’d made it, thinking she was free from the chaos upstairs. That’s when something in the tunnel grabbed her from the other end. Her screams were drowned out by the screams above her.
She blacked out.

She awoke hours later tied up in just her under garments to a bed in a dark building. Panic seemed to flush her face. The copper tang of blood filled the air, she could only smell blood. “What? Where am I?” her voice was groggy but you could tell she was scared.
Three men stood before her. One grabbed her hair pulling it back. “wouldn’t you like to know? He is going to have so much fun with you.”
She shook her head trying to wake herself up more.”What are you talking about? Is it money you want?”
The one man, tall, hair was black as night, skin white as can be, and eyes as silver as steel. “Back away from her Flame” the man let go of her hair and her head snapped back into place. “No little Princess” He circled the bed as his dogs held back by the door. “I don’t want your money, and I don’t want your daddy either princess. I already have his head on a platter upstairs.”
“then… Then what do you want” Her voice shaking, fear was all that could be seen in her eyes.
“Princess I want you.” He smiled
“I’ll give you anything you want, anything”
He leaned into her “Princess you’re right you’re going to give me everything.” He wrapped one arm around her pinning her back to his chest and sliced his wrist pushing the dripping blood to her lips. Yanking her head to the side to reveal her exposed neck. Leaning down to her struggling body. His face morphing from a man into a monster, fangs slipping down to his face into her neck.
Draining her life as he was making new life.

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